TV-as-a-Service solutions: multi screen, companion screen and TV bricks.

TV-as-a-Service solutions.

TV-as-a-Service solutions. BrightBlue offers a white label solution for any type of operator, on any network, for any Business model. 100% hosted and managed.

Multi-Screen TV

BrightBlue Multi Screen White Label TV-as-a-Service. Fully hosted & managed. This solution is highly scalable and can be adapted to the individual needs of our B2B customers.

Companion Screen TV

Second Screen Service to complement your IPTV or Cable-TV offering, Fully hosted and managed. Optionally branded in your own ISP look & feel.

TV Bricks

TV Bricks

Backend Services like Ingest, Encoding, DRM, CDN, Playout, OSS/BSS for OTT and IPTV. We leverage specific parts of our technical platform to provide special services.

Rich feature set.

Television is becoming an individual experience. The BrightBlue TV platform offers your end users a rich feature set and an Intuitive user interface in HD and 4K.

Time Shifting

Pause Live TV, Restart TV, Trickplay, Offline viewing

Cloud Recorder

Schedule/Play on any device, Unlimited number of recordings, Unlimited parallel recordings

Personal Experience

Activate up to 12 accounts, Maximum of 5 devices, Personal TV guide, Favorites, Reminders

Interactive Apps

Support for HbbTV (2.0), Teletext support, Mediatheken, Many Apps, Maxdome, YouTube

Content Diversity

Up to Full HD and 4K UHD, Dolby Digital support, Support for Subtitles, Support for Radio

Replay TV

TV Guide based, Go back in time up to 14 days

Multi-screen experience.

BrightBlue brings your individually branded and customized TV service to all screens that are relevant to your end customers.


Android - Chrome, Chromecast


IOS - OSX - Safari, Apple TV - AirPlay

Set Top Box

Legacy - Android, BrightBlue Box


Fire TV, Fire Phone - Tablet


Windows - Explorer

Smart TV

Android TV

BrightBlue understands your content requirements.

BrightBlue supports all common public and private channels as well as Pay-TV premium channels and international programs in all languages. Many channels are available now, more channels can be added on short notice. You decide on the arrangement of channels into packages, the pricing and promotions.

300+Television channels
125+Channels in HD quality
150+Radio channels
50+Interactive Apps

Customize BrightBlue TV.

Customize BrightBlue TV to your corporate design. BrightBlue gives you the option to have your TV service individually branded and customized. 

App branding

Logo on splash screen
Logo in menu
Color of user interface

App Store branding

App Store branding

Icon of app
Description of app
Publisher of app

Hardware branding

Hardware branding

Logo on set top box
Logo on remote control unit
Logo on sleeve and/or box

BrightBlue supports any screen.

* Chromecast and Apple TV are currently under development.

Intuitive user interface.

Cloud recorder

Unlimited Parallel Recordings. With the recording function, end consumers can record as many programs as they like at the same time up to a storage capacity of 50 to 500 hours. Recordings are stored individually per user. To start a recording, one simply selects the desired program, confirms it and selects "record".

Personal TV

Comfort and safety! Each user can set up their own user profile, select their own station order and favorites, activate the reminder function for their favorite soap and start recording. Parental controls controls can be set by the main user. So family-friendly can be television.

Upon request, we will provide personal tips and recommendations according to selected preferences.

Interactive TV Guide

The interactive program guide keeps track of ongoing and upcoming broadcasts, up to 14 days in advance. Plus, Replay TV is offered by many channels: this service is available for 3, 7 or 14 days back in time. One can easily recognize the channels by the replay symbol. This allows users to enjoy TV individually and independently of time.

Time Shifting

BrightBlue also offers the possibility to watch time-delayed television with functions like PauseLive, Restart and Trickplay. Users can simply pause a running program at the push of a button and continue watching later, rewind to a missed scene or watch a whole show from the beginning again. As long as a program is running, one simply presses "restart" on the remote control and the show starts over.